Another Glendale Sunset
By B.L. Cunningham

Laverne woke with a smile; wondering once again what she had ever done to deserve all that life had handed her, looking over to where Lenny was asleep  and ten years of marriage had not dimmed the passion  she felt for Lenny in the least and was  just about to wake him up in his favorite way when  the voice of her eight  year old daughter Linnie  ( Lavinia Frances Kosnowski ) was heard "Mom... I can't find my shoe !"  Laverne sighed and slid out of bed  and quietly left the room.

After finding the missing shoe, Laverne fixed herself a pot of coffee and breakfast for two and sent her child off to  the waiting school bus. Upon hearing the shower running, Laverne decided now would be a very good time to join her husband in the  shower .Laverne silently entered the bathroom and swiftly discarded her robe and nightgown and was surprised to find Lenny already fully erect " Let me help ya with that " she said  and Lenny was  delighted as Laverne showed him new and creative ways to use shower gel  and spearmint toothpaste.

Their life in the suburbs of Glendale was surprisingly satisfying; Lenny now worked as a freelance lryicist and creative consultant for several Hollywood advertising agencies, creating commercial jingles and finding new and innovative ways to pitch a variety of products or as Lenny put it "Everything from cat food to condoms"  Their financial stability allowed Laverne to quit her job  and be a stay at home mom, a role she  treasured .In the midst of "Women's Lib"  Laverne was happy to buck the trend  and flaunted her satisfaction in being a wife and mother .When other women spoke to her  asking  if being a wife and mother "was enough"  Laverne looked them right in the eye and replied "Have you met my husband... have you spent time with my child..?" and no critic could come up with another challenge

One of the many reason that kept Laverne contented was that Lenny had never stopped courting her; Friday nights were sacred  and Lenny was constantly surprising her, from a night at  a bowling  alley to a retrospective of silent movies  Fridays were their chance to enjoy an evening together, hold hands  and just enjoy one another's company.


Other evenings at home found them  spending time with their very bright daughter; Even as a toddler when Linnie asked a question, either Lenny or Lavern would take the time and effort  to show her the answer ; in an encyclopedia or dictionary or the local library

When their child's homework began to puzzle  them, Lenny & Laverne sought out Linnie's teachers and asked questions of their own and continued their own education as well as Linnie's  To this day; Laverne knows more French adverbs than any other woman in Glendale .

.A trip to the grocery store would become an adventure in learning ; when Linnie read from the various produce boxes "Bannanas from Panama " or Avocados  from  Equador " Lenny was happy to show his daughter an atlas or globe and try to explain how the fruit had traveled  all the way to Glendale.


One Friday Lenny asked their usual babysitter to arrive an hour early ; so by five o'clock Lenny was ready to whisk Laverne away on their weekly date "Where are  we going.. am I dressed okay? will we need bowling shoes?" asked laverne but Lenny just grinned and remained silent as he opened the  passenger door to their old VW Bug  Twenty minutes of driving brought them to the Hollywood  hills and a scenic overlook "Should be an incredible sunset tonight " Lenny said as he drew Laverne closer to him.

 Laverne had no idea that after dark ; Scenic Vista Overlook  became Passion Point   a well known lover's  parking place., but lenny did and had planned accordingly.Snuggled together in the front seat Lenny and Laverne enjoyed a magnificent sunset and at full dark, Lenny produced several items from a a box in the back seat; a bottle of excellant Champagne, two crystal glasses; fresh strawberries. and a box with the lurid inscription "His and hers Vibrating Love Toys " 

Laverne was was both hysterical with laughter and at the same time greatly turned on ."So... ya think I'm easy do ya.?.. a few drinks and I'm gonna vo-de-oh doh?    " That's the general idea..."  Lenny murmured against the side of Laverne's neck as he reached over and gently caressed her breasts, feeling her nipples becoming erect  "Ohhh yer just full of surprises..."  said Laverne as she rubbed the huge erection trapped in Lenny's chinos  Lenny let his other hand explore  Laverne's thighs and a bit higher "Ohhh is that surprise for me? "  he said as his fingers   discovered Laverne was not wearing any panties " uh hummmm  yes indeed !"  Laverne moaned happily . as  she slowly   unzipped Lenny's pants.

It was nearly midnight by the time they arrived back home; Lenny gave their babysitter his sincere appolgies and a very generous tip and only Laverne knew that the goofy, glazed look on his face had nothing to do with the bottle of Champagne.and everything to do with Passion Point