I Got Tomorrow
By Ande

Title: I Got Tomorrow (1/1)
Fandom: Laverne & Shirley
Author: Ande
Email: huntersbluerose@comcast.net
Disclaimer: I'm pretty Garry Marshall would kill me if he read this. Penny would at the very least. Maybe. She's a little more open about such things. Anyway, I own nothing, don't sue.
Rating: PG-13
Content: implied f/f, implied m/m, angst
Character(s): Laverne DiFazio; mentions of Shirley, Carmine, Squiggy, Walter, and Pop (Frank)
Summary: Laverne laments on her feelings for Shirley after Shirley's wedding to Walter, all whilst listening to "In My Life" by the Beatles.
Note: Missy challenged me to write slash for the fandom, this is my answer to it. No actual smut, but that'll come later. ;) Also, I am a L&S virgin, so be gentle with me, please.

I Got Tomorrow
Ande, 010504

Shirl's married.

I always knew it was gonna happen, always knew I'd have to let her go some day. But not like this. Not so... suddenly.

When she and Carmine were tying the knot, that was almost safe. Comfortable. He knew how much we mean to each other; how much Shirl means to me. We had a long talk about it, and he understood. I think he always understood, always knew my feelings ran a little deeper than Shirl's did, but he never said nothing about it. I probably shouldn't have said nothing to him that night, but I figured he'd need to know if they were getting married and going to live their lives together.

I was scared to tell him. I hadn't never told no one about it, and here I was telling the guy she was gonna marry that I was in love with her. He could have ran to Pop and told, and then I'd have been sent to some convent for deviants or something, knowing Pop.

But Carmine never was a conventional one, never looked down on no one for things they couldn't control, especially when it came to love. He told me to tell Shirl, even told me he'd step back if I wanted him to, but I couldn't let him do it anymore than I could tell her how I felt. Doing either of them woulda ruined the comfort zone I had, and I couldn't let that happen.

But now, it's gone, I know I've lost her forever. And to a straight-edged putz at that.

I ain't gonna get the safety of taking her out to the movies three nights a week. Walter ain't gonna just nod and say yeah when I ask her to come over for a sleepover. Carmine woulda understood both, maybe even encouraged we spend time together like that, just so he and Squig could get some time alone together.

Yeah, I knew about 'em before I blabbed to Carmine about myself. Ain't nothing I can't wring out of Squig, with the right motivation. And even though Shirl and I wouldn't never do nothing, I know they woulda understood. Walter just ain't gonna understand that Shirl's half my soul.

I don't even think Shirl understands it, or she wouldn't have married him after only three weeks of dating him.

I should be happy for her, huh? She's happy with him, and her happiness is what's important, right? Easier said than done. I can jump up and down with her all I want over it, but I ain't feeling it like I should; like she wants me to.

But I ain't gonna have to worry about it for long, as I'm sure Walter's gonna drag her off somewhere. I got this feeling in my gut, and my feelings ain't never wrong. I wish this one was as far from right as can be, but it ain't, and I know there's nothing I can do about it. Except enjoy the time I got with her while I got it.

And at least I know I got tomorrow.

[The End]

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